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No third-party intervention


MPC Transaction signature process used in Bitizen, requires at least two parties to use their Key Shares to jointly compute the signature for a transaction.

When a user is setting up a new Bitizen wallet, independent and encrypted Key Shares are being generated on the user’s mobile phone and on the Bitizen server, and another Key Share will be generated for the user’s secondary device, such as a computer, iPad, or the second phone.

At any moment the user can choose if he wants to sign a transaction with the Bitizen server, or connect his secondary device and co-sign his transaction by himself, without the Bitizen server.

Adding a secondary device opens a non-custodial mode for the Bitizen wallet. This makes the user completely independent and censorship-resistant from the Bitizen server or any other third party.

Every user’s private data stored on Bitizen’s server is fully encrypted with a user-owned key; if the data is stolen or leaked, encryption makes it useless for any third party.